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EDGE can locate professional liability coverage for physicians, facilities, and all allied health care providers at reduced pricing.

Peter Leone is dedicated to providing invaluable support to physicians seeking a second chance in their careers. With a specialized focus on assisting those grappling with Board Matters, Bankruptcy, Multiple Claims, and other significant challenges, Peter serves as a trusted advocate in their journey towards redemption. Physicians often encounter a complex array of hurdles when attempting to bounce back from setbacks, and obtaining professional liability insurance is a critical component of their recovery process. Peter Leone’s commitment is to thoroughly comprehend each physician’s unique circumstances and craft a strategic approach to secure affordable and comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage. By leveraging his extensive expertise and industry insights, he empowers healthcare professionals to regain their footing and move forward with confidence. Trust Peter Leone to be your unwavering ally in the pursuit of a brighter professional future.

EDGE Professional Liability Services is a physician advocacy company, whose sole purpose is to protect physicians’ interests in matters related to professional liability insurance in a way no one else can.

Contact: PeterLeone@edgepro.net or 973-652-4522

Feeling helpless, overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated about medical professional liability (Medical Malpractice) coverage or claims is common, but there is something physicians can do about it. With EDGE Professional Liability Services as your partner, you can rest assured knowing that experienced professionals are on your side to help you deal with these events.

EDGE can:

  • Locate medical malpractice coverage at reduced pricing.
  • Provide you with information that is essential to your practice.
  • Recommend services and products crucial to your practice.
  • Advocate for the physician with prior claims
  • Listen to the physician who has had addiction problems, legal problems, financial problems, Medical Board problems and any issue preventing the full return to practice.
Peter Leone

About EDGE Founder Peter Leone

Mr. Leone as a licensed property and casualty broker has harnessed 40 years of experience in the investigation, management and resolution of medical professional liability claims and is applying his expertise directly where it can be most helpful: to protecting the reputations and livelihoods of physicians.


I just had to reach out to you personally to let you know in follow-up, that Mr. Peter Leone is the most incredible medical malpractice insurance broker whom I have ever met. I’ve been doing this for almost 35 years, he cut through all tape on little nuisance red flag issues, saved me $50,000 per year in Michigan and got two policies written with separate limits and separate states that no other broker seemed capable of completing. Thank you thank you thank you all AAPS physicians should know this.

Dr. J.W. Member AAPS